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Babysitting can be organised on a regular basis, as a one off and also at short notice, within 48 hours, although we will try our best to find you a babysitter with less notice, this cannot be guaranteed.


Babysitters tend to work during the evenings, weekends and after school in the child's home, however babysitters can also be arranged to look after children during events such as weddings and overnight stays at hotels.


Personal touch

When you make an enquiry, we can arrange to visit you and your child at home to find out yours and your children's needs. This is a great opportunity to meet you, give you the best possible service and help us match you to the most suitable babysitter.


At this visit, we will carry out a risk assessment of the environment to share with our member of staff before they visit for the first time.


We also like to, if possible, arrange for our babysitter to meet with your children beforehand (although we understand that this is not always practical).


To give continuity to your children, we recommend that you request the same babysitter for each sit.


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Recruitment process giving parents and guardians reassurance

During our recruitment process we ensure that candidates:

  • are at least 18 years of age
  • have previous experience working with children
  • have a very good knowledge of how to meet children's needs
  • have a good knowledge of how to plan and provide age appropriate activities
  • join or update their PVG Scheme membership with Disclosure Scotland
  • provide at least two names for us to obtain references
  • are aware that we highly recommend undertaking a childhood first aid course and child protection as soon after they are recruited as possible.


Some may already hold a qualification in childcare and work within a childcare setting during the day, therefore they will have additional qualifications and be registered with SSSC. All information will be shared with families when arrangements are made.


Further information on both PVG membership and SSSC can be found at the following links:



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