Full Time Permanent Nanny, Edinburgh EH4 1

Job ref: LCSMAY06

This lovely family who currently live in Stockbridge, Edinburgh are looking for an experienced, permanent nanny to look after their two children age 3 and six months. Please note that the family intend to move house to the Morningside area before the start date.

Start date is 1st October 2024.

The days and hours will be Mondays to Fridays 9am to 5pm.

The hourly rate is from £15 per hour gross.

Their oldest child, who is nearly 3 years old, loves reading, mud and water play, his construction vehicles, puzzles and things that require his concentration. He loves helping with cooking, chopping, pouring and vacuuming. He can be a bit introverted and currently prefers to watch others (especially if this is a group of children). He is not yet potty trained but showing signs that he is very close to being ready. He is very active and always on the go.

Their baby will be six months old by 1st October and loves watching his brother and being included. He is very chatty and smiley. He loves being cuddled and held.

The parents are looking for a nanny who is kind, caring, confident and experienced in caring for a toddler and baby at the same time. They must be able to create a fun environment that encourages laughter and learning and be up to date with childcare practices and modern parenting: reinforcing good behaviour, supporting babies and toddlers through transitions and development and meeting the children where they are at through play. They will create a loving and positive bond with the children, listening and guiding, being responsive to their needs while setting fair and firm boundaries. They must be happy to take the children on fun and interesting outings in Edinburgh, create activities and educational games and fun play in the home and garden.

Other nanny duties that are important to the parents include but are not limited to:

  • Proficient cleaning of anything the kids are using including bottles, plates, cups, water bottles, playroom, their bedroom toys/books (they have a cleaner so it’s more about keeping the kids things in a good order).
  • Able to lift the buggy out of the car solo (when needed).
  • Able to keep the buggy stocked and turned over i.e. refill the nappy bag, keep the sun cream in the buggy, remove the washable items from the buggy at the end of an outing (remove water bottle, snack packs etc and put them in the dishwasher), remove any uneaten snacks.
  • Communicate when children’s snacks are running low.
  • Change nappies and help with potty training and baby schedule advice.
  • Maintain nap times.
  • Occasional nursery school pick up (in family car or on foot, it’s about a 20min walk).
  • Tidy toys and vacuum the playroom.
  • Consistently apply sun cream and offer water when out and about with one or both children (including when in the garden).
  • Ability to work kitchen appliances (switch on dishwasher, switch on washing machine and/or tumble dryer, sterilizer if/when it’ll be needed)
  • Able to chip in with laundry and kitchen tidying when needed.

A driver with clean licence is required but the family will provide use of their car. There is no parking at their current family home but please note that the family intend to move to the Morningside area of Edinburgh before

Non smoker essential.

The family have a dog who is very gentle and quite shy.

Please send your interest using the form below or send an email to info@lothianchildcaresolutions.co.uk with your up to date C.V. quoting the job reference number

Please also check your junk mail for a reply.

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