Part-Time Permanent Nanny, Edinburgh EH4 5

Job ref: LCSSEPT06

This lovely family are looking for an experienced, patient and gentle nanny to care for their two children age 4 and nearly 3 years. Start date is ASAP.

The hours of work are 18 per week with one week off per month (paid as a salary, see below):

Tuesdays and Wednesdays 11am to 5pm

Thursdays 12 noon to 6pm

Additional and occasional evening babysitting will be offered which will be paid in addition to the salary or offered as time off in lieu depending on preference.

Their oldest child loves to be outdoors. He requires space to do his own thing but also thrives in the company of others. If he can swing, climb, run, and jump then he will be happy. He has great communication and likes to learn new words. He has limited interest in books as this signifies bedtime to him but he does enjoy role play and gets on really well with his sister, whom he is very protective of. He loves cars and planes, his hobby being to tell you which airline is flying past. He has been recognised as having some additional needs but does not yet have a diagnosis. He can struggle to follow strict routines and needs to keep some control and autonomy. Outdoor activities help keep him regulated as do deep pressure activities – the more regulated he is, the more amenable he is to instructions. He is toilet trained but will need help if he has a loose bowel movement.

Their youngest is obsessed with Minnie Mouse, also likes to be outdoors but is equally happy to play indoors. She thrives on routine and patterns of processes and engages highly in imaginative play with her toys. She can be very active but her coordination isn’t quite where she wants it to be and can therefore appear to be slightly clumsy. Her problem solving skills are high and she has a huge interest in letters and numbers. Her speech is good but not as quick as her brain so often gets frustrated. She adores her brother and misses him when he is at nursery. She has an unusual understanding of humour for a two year old and is very funny; she knows how to make people laugh and uses this to her advantage. She can be very strong willed and struggles when things don’t go to plan. She has a number of allergies, including sunlight which requires great care and planning during UV season in the summer. She also requires an EpiPen, which the family will train their nanny to use.

The family are looking for a nanny who will be active with the children and be quick off their feet as both children lack fear and will not hesitate to jump off high items. The children are strong willed and reactive so the nanny must be able to follow the parent’s gentle parenting style to ensure consistency. Lots of patience is required to understand the masking behaviours relating to neurodivergence, particularly for their oldest child; he manages well but in his own time. The nanny must respect this and not force a relationship or activities if he is not willing. Both children are very cuddly so need a nanny who is willing to give lots of cuddles once the children are familiar with them.

Nanny duties will include collecting both children from nursery (12.30pm and 2.25pm). On a Tuesday they attend a gymnastic class. Other tasks will include preparing a healthy dinner for the children, children’s laundry, changing the children’s bedding and tidying their rooms/toys.

This is a really lovely family who would love someone to work with them long term. Someone who has an understanding of how to support and care for their children.

A driver with own car is required for this job. There free on street parking.

The hourly rate is £16 per hour, which is a salary of £11,520 gross per annum (£960 gross per month).

The nanny will be required to take part of their annual leave during two weeks at Christmas, one week at Easter and one week during the summer holidays. Dates will all be agreed in advance. Taking this into account, the nanny will still have 4.8 days annual leave to take on dates that suit them and the family as well as the one week off each month as stated above.

The family have a cat.

Please send your interest using the form below or send an email to with your up to date C.V. quoting the job reference number

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