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Mothers helpers


Early learning childcare workers

Tax Free Childcare and Employer Voucher registration

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We will

provide high quality, responsive and flexible childcare solutions to those who use our services, including families and providers of care services. To ensure the best outcomes for the children being cared for by workers recruited and supplied by Lothian Childcare Solutions, we will recruit only qualified and/or experienced workers who have been through a rigorous and thorough recruitment procedure with us. 

We will

ensure that worker’s skills and knowledge are matched to children’s needs and interests. We will promote a learning culture for workers and provide ongoing support and resources related to their role.  We will use a variety of effective communication tools to ensure that we are engaging and communicating with the people who use our services and those who work with us.


Happy Parents


Thank you so much for your wonderful service. I have been extremely impressed from start to finish with the efficiency and organisation of getting the childcare in place so easily even though it wasn’t a regular booking and finding a perfect match based upon my requirements.

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