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The First Childcare Agency to be Based in East Lothian



Lothian Childcare Solutions are the first Childcare Agency to be based in East Lothian. We offer a wide range of childcare services and are always looking to recruit new workers to help us provide these services.


All of our agency staff obtain PVG Scheme Membership through Disclosure Scotland and, where required, have SSSC Membership.


After careful planning and discussion, we will provide you with childcare arrangements that meet yours and your children’s needs.

We Can Provide 


Babysitters Service Button

A Babysitter usually babysits in the parent's / guardian's home for a few hours during the evening, but can also babysit for children staying in hotels or at weddings and other venues.

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Nannies Service Button

A Nanny provides childcare for one or more children in the parent's / guardian's own home. They can be hired to work on a temporary or permanent basis and can live in with the family or live out.

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Mothers Helper Service Button

Mother's Helpers aren't just for mums, they tend to work alongside a parent or guardian rather than have sole care of the children. Contracts can be short, medium or long-term. 

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Early Learning and Childcare Service Button

Early Learning and Childcare Workers work within childcare services such as nurseries, playgroups, breakfast, after school and holiday clubs. Contracts can be short, medium or long-term.

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Recruitment process giving parents, guardians and childcare providers reassurance

During our recruitment process we ensure that candidates:

  • have previous experience of babysitting and/or caring for children
  • are at least 18 years of age
  • have a very good knowledge of how to meet children's needs
  • have a good knowledge of how to plan and provide age appropriate activities
  • join the PVG Scheme or update their scheme membership with Disclosure Scotland
  • provide at least two contacts for us to obtain references
  • are aware that they should undertake a course in childhood first aid course and child protection as soon after they are recruited as possible.


Some of our agency workers may already hold a relevant qualification in childcare and work in a childcare setting. They may therefore have additional qualifications and be registered with Scottish Social Services Council. We will share all relevant information about agency workers qualifications and experience with our clients when childcare arrangements are made.


Further information on both PVG membership and SSSC can be found at the following links:

PVG: mygov.scot/pvg-scheme/

SSSC: sssc.uk.com/

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Aims and Objectives


We aim to offer high quality, responsive and flexible childcare solutions to those who use our service, including families, providers of care services, staff and potential applicants.


To ensure the best outcomes for the children being cared for by staff supplied by Lothian Childcare Solutions, we will:

  • ensure that we recruit only experienced and qualified childcare staff who have been through a rigorous and thorough recruitment procedure with us
  • endeavour to ensure that staff skills and knowledge are matched to children’s needs and interests
  • promote a learning culture for staff and provide up to date information and resources related to their role
  • use a variety of effective communication tools to ensure that we are engaging and communicating with the people who use our services and those who work with us
  • encourage feedback and involvement in order to improve outcomes for children
  • use effective quality assurance systems and processes which involve the people who use our service, staff and stakeholders to assess the quality of service we provide

About Us

Lothian Childcare Solutions is a Childcare Recruitment Agency which was set up in 2017 by Pamela Cormack. It is the first childcare agency in East Lothian.


Pamela has worked extensively across the childcare sector in the Lothians for over 20 years and more recently as an Inspector with the Care Inspectorate from 2008 until 2017. She has a wealth of experience and knowledge of National childcare regulations and requirements and was integral to the set-up of the Childcare Agency group within the Care Inspectorate, which specifically supported and inspected Childcare Agencies across Scotland. This ensured consistency during inspections and the ability to offer expert advice and support improvement in the quality of the services offered by childcare agencies.


Pamela has also worked in both the private and public sector as a nursery nurse and as an assistant manager within a Children and Families Centre.


She has qualifications in a variety of subjects, including Childcare and Education, Certificate in Management, HNC in Employment Interviewing and a Diploma in the Regulation of Care Services.


Pamela’s ability as a Care Inspectorate Inspector and her knowledge of childcare and childcare agencies, ensures that she gives the best childcare solutions to families and services. Her warm and friendly personality puts everyone at ease and her personal approach allows her to get to know the needs of each child and family or childcare setting to ensure that the right candidate is matched to each role.


She is responsible for ensuring that all eligible candidates go through a rigorous recruitment process, which includes, completion of application forms, attending at least one interview, providing at least two contacts for references, membership with the Protecting Vulnerable Groups (PVG) scheme and, if relevant, professional registration with the Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC).

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