Disclosure information

Secure Storage, Handling, Use, Retention and Disposal of Disclosure


Our Duties After Receiving Someone’s Disclosure Certificate

A disclosure certificate contains personal information. When we receive someone’s disclosure certificate, we will ensure that we handle it in the correct way.
We will do this by making sure it’s:
  • kept in a safe, secure place
  • only share it with people allowed to see it

When Disclosure Information Can Be Shared

Because a disclosure certificate contains someone’s private details, we can only show it to certain people and for work purposes only.
We can share the information with:
  • someone you work with, for work purposes only
  • if we countersigned the application for another organisation, someone within that organisation, but for work purposes only
  • a government department
  • a person holding statutory office – this means someone in a job that’s been set up by law, such as someone who is appointed by the Queen or a board member of a public body, such as the Care Inspectorate
  • anyone we are required by law to share the disclosure certificate with
  • anyone who has the consent of the person named in the disclosure certificate to see the information.
These duties apply to all people who see the disclosure certificate.  It is a criminal offence if we don’t follow these duties.

Umbrella Body

As a registered body, Lothian Childcare Solutions can sign applications from organisations who are not registered with Disclosure Scotland. This is to approve a person’s application before it’s sent. Please contact us for more information.

We highly advise parents who are recruiting a childcarer to work in their home to apply for a ‘Scheme Membership Statement’ with Disclosure Scotland. More information can be found here:- Self-employed or work for a personal employer – mygov.scot  

Please note that no vetting information is included in a Scheme Membership Statement, they will only confirm whether an individual is a PVG Scheme Member. Please contact Lothian Childcare Solutions if you wish to discuss further. 


Further Help

If you need help or advice you can contact Disclosure Scotland:
Phone: 03000 2000 40 (Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm standard rate)